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We sell a custom messaging app for dispatch and for general communications. FLEXTERM is a message product for organizations that need general dispatch and digital communications. Flexterm supports mobile, desktops, server, and IOT nodes. Our base product uses cloud queue services via your choice of cloud partner. We then add connections to almost any device imaginable, with almost any function you can think of.
What is Flexterm? Here are some ways people have used Flexterm.
Your APP or function -> cloud storage queue -> your favorite communication app.
So that means you want your app to send message to say Threema message client. We can make the notifications from (Your APP) -> go to Threema message client and be presented to your staff. You get to use your apps, but communicate to anyone and any device you need.

Where does your product FLEXTERM run? Flexterm runs on the cloud as a .NET program. That is our core product and function with Flexterm, is we run in the cloud. We are working on new code to run flexterm remotely on a IOT node, as secondary relay system for messages. This is for relay of messages that become disconnected or have very large messaging delays. This is an option and only needed for specific requirements. For the most part we just need a computer in the cloud to run our .net code.

I need support for AWS Iot messages!. We are looking into this but have no code for it yet.

I need audit! We can add audit logs to your messages.

I need a custom app! Not a problem. We can build a new app to replace yours with the Flexterm functions built in.

I am confused. Can you give me an example of the product? Put it in english please! Sure. So here is an example. You have a legacy business app, great app but only sends email notifications when BAD THINGS happen. Ok, you want a easy notification for your team when those bad things happen. So here is how we can help. We can process the forwarded email and Flexterm will then send a notification to users phones, via a push notification. We could also only send the push notification to certain users if they are interested in this message, based on their location in the region. Meaning we use data from their phone app to setup a geographic area where the teams are sent these messages, as long as they are interested in the particular issue. Our remote node features GPS serial data support, so that we can take in the GPS data and make decisions based on this data.

Wait, I need Microsoft TEAMS and another app integrated! Let us know and we can see if its possible! If the product is open source, or has a published API, we can probably make it work. If a non disclosure agreement is needed, we can do that and use vendor provided code to integrate into your product.
NEW! We support shadow messages which allow non connected devices to sync and update via various time domains and connection methods.
Contact us using below methods, to setup an evaluation of FLEXTERM.

RD & Sons. A veteran owned company.
A licensed business operating in Riverside, California. Our capability statement.
Phone 951 545 4269
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