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November 4, 2021
Good video on Indium metal.
You can use Indium at work to remove surface mount integrated circuits. It melts at a lot lower temperature than solder so I could just flow it over the contacts and then use a heat gun to float the chip off without damaging the leads on the chip. Then just use some solder wick to clean the leads and pads on the circuit board.

On another note.
I worked with some DOD folks a few days ago on a CTF exercise, cybersecurity competition.

I was an advisor to the CTF game only, so I only fielded questions and attempted answers and or directions. Not sure of the exact game they played but it was challenging, as always these games are. They were doing some things with docker on the earlier call. Basically, trying to get into the docker host system, I think. I was a bit lost, as I have done only a few hours of things on docker.
Then they mentioned jumping vlans, or switching vlans. Since this role was a bit of an educational support role, I tried to tell them they need to verify they are on a trunked port, to even support a vlan. And then, if on a trunk port, they might be able to influence vlan configuration of a host by using a vlan tag in the linux config. But I really had never used a vlan tag on linux. . .so I wasn't at all confident on that.
They were doing some data capture with BURP suite which was kinda of neat. Appears BURP grabs some communications you cant normally see, like the details of web POSTS. It also can replay some transactions. Like websockets. I figured that developer mode (in chrome or IE) would show most of this. Nope, developer moded does not show the POSTS at all. And nothing about websockets. Not that I know much about websockets, but I will work on it here soon.

So for Burp suite, looks like even the free version can be handy. I had not seen that in use before. Appears good for troubleshooting web communications In this game they had to use Jenkins to help attack/defend a system. They had access to the Jenkins console which is mostly root access to Jenkins and appears to be able to submit jobs to systems, so you could submit a job to say enable RDP or disable the firewall on the said system. A scan of the server took place and they found open ports. They had linux and windows systems. As with many of these games, they can be very difficult even for seasoned IT pros. The amount of knowledge that IT spans is galactic in scale, it really is. A team with a variety of skillsets comes in handy. Since this was a DOD group, I was thinking they should have dove into some encryption issues. Like a bitlocker volume, or LUKS linux encrypted volume. Make it easy and have a ZuluCrypt gui manager showing the LUKS volume. . . just make a puzzle to get the password and then perhaps have them mount the LUKS volume using the CLI as the GUI is damaged.
A note to self, if I work with this folks again.
Thanks for the vendors involved, I wont mention the vendor names here due to security concerns. If you need help on CTF game design or game play, give us a call. Rod

November 3, 2021
Another day, another network lab lesson. Thanks for Networklessons for a good lab session today. They are one of the better places to learn networking, if you ask me.

And a shout out to NetSync for a good meeting. Check out netsync for some excellent computer services. Netsync

October 25, 2021

Some notes on the vaccine mandate, especially for fed contractors. I know some people who may be out of a job because the refuse the Covid vaccine. And these are IT workers, who dont come near the public. But they work for a big company, and the company has a blanket, STUPID policy that you will be replaced with a certified Vaccinated person, if you do not comply. I have some issues with that, and it looks like other people do also. Here is the letter some congressmen sent to the president regarding the push for vaccination. This is horrible and evil!! People wake up. You are being cornered into compliance. Dont be silent. What will be next, people. You are being labled, discriminated against, and that is the straight truth. Sick and twisted. Read link below on the congress asking to stop the mandate. More on the letter to the president

October >, 2021

Some notes on HSRP. A redundancy function for your network.
hsrp - when you supply the standby ip address, no mask necessary default group name "hsrp-Gi0-0" Group name in hsrp is necessary for what, I am unsure. But I see in older cisco HSRP the group name is called "IP redundancy name". So its a name of the redundant group.? What if the group name is different? In cisco IOS help they call this the "redundancy name string"?

So in the IOS config (show run) you see this for basic HSRP config.

interface GigabitEthernet0/0
ip address
standby version 2
standby 0 ip
standby 0 priority 10
standby 0 name glr
duplex auto
speed auto
no mop enabled

hsrp v2 worked between old 2850 (year 2000) and 2911 (year 2015) packet capture shows constant, every second hellos from one node or the other. Hello interval is 3000 milliseconds, with two nodes you get one hello around every 1.5 seconds. This is with two (2) nodes participating both nodes in hsrp pair. around every minute there is a "group active" message from the standby only. In wireshark this shows as "Interface State TLV (Act=0 pass=1).

Higher priority number will be the active router, UNLESS preemption is disabled. I will try, but appears that if preemption is disabled, an active router will stay active, even if a higher priority router is up.

When one of the cisco HSRP routers is disconnected from the group/network, the hsrp will change from ACTIVE say to "init". Then back to standby or active once the network is back online.

Even though these cisco routers have 15 year difference in age, the HSRP was simple and worked easily. Its nice to see things just work and continue to work even decades later! I do see the 2911 router supports ipv6 hsrp and I dont think the older router supports ipv6. I have some ipv6 labs to do later and will try ipv6 with hsrp.

each hello has clear text authentication data (default cisco) so if multi-vendor you might have to change auth data for hsrp node from different vendor.

And finally I pull the plug on the active HSRP router to see if I can continue to ping the virtual IP address. Yes, success. Now what determine who is the master HSRP node?

If hsrp pair node goes offline completely, show standby = "standby router is unknown"

If router is reloaded, it tells HSRP before shutting down and active should switch to another node, and its fast (less than one second) at least. Another way to remove an HSRP node is to go into config terminal, and change HSRP parameter so 1. if active, change priority or premption so that other node get it. 2. once node is not active, you can change hsrp using these commands config t
interface gigabit 0/0
no standby hsrp

Your router will quickly say "STATECHANGE -> Disabled"

Doing a check of HSRP, on the other node shows this, which means he is going solo and has no failover partner. Key thing is the "Standby router is unknown" line showing no other known device running hsrp!.

BGP2>show standby
GigabitEthernet0/0 - Group 0 (version 2) State is Active
1 state change, last state change 2d02h Virtual IP address is
Active virtual MAC address is 0000.0c9f.f000 Local virtual MAC address is 0000.0c9f.f000 (v2 default) Hello time 3 sec, hold time 10 sec
Next hello sent in 1.232 secs
Preemption enabled
Active router is local
Standby router is unknown
Priority 10 (configured 10)
Group name is "glr" (cfgd)

Wait, need your HSRP running again? Simple. Type config t
interface gigabit 0/0
standby ip
write mem

In summary, I like hsrp because its simple! There is no complex configuration to make a basic redundant routers. True hsrp needs broadcasts because each HSRP node does not need to know who the peer or other information. It just gets the broadcasts and runs the process. It will go active if no standby router available, if there is a standby router broadcast it will proceed depending on what the packets say and the configuration.

August 21, 2021
Random network queries. I hate them. Anyone doing random anything on the network? Ok, point a finger at yourself and say, "I am dumb. I should stop doing that right now!".
Chrome does random network queries. It does this on windows to every network port, it does them via multiple protocols, and it really looks like a virus or malware. Please stop doing this Chrome and you shiny chrome developers. Ok again, Chrome does wierd crap on your network. Use chrome and get wierd crap until the developers fix their code. Netbios queries for random names? Really why in the hell is that necessary? ipv6 multicast random queries? Because the developers were lazy. They wrote code and made it send out every network interface, even if it is not your default route nor is used for any internet function. I saw these packets coming from a private lan connection on a computer AND on the wireless internet connection. It doesnt matter to chrome, send shit packets to everyone! You will enjoy it. Yes and chrome does it for not just DNS but for netbios, LLMR, basically did it for every protocol chrome supports.

A bit about the chrome chaos with random names
I was able to sort some of the conversations using wireshark syntax like this:
> (ip.src == || (ip.dst ==
Below is chrome doing random dns queries at startup.
Computer networking is fun. Sometimes you see things and you find that what you thought was secure, well it is not. I dont assume my windows box is secure. I just dont. There is no way, and if I see evidence of malware on any windows server, honestly I am not surprise. Yet there are still fun and games as vendors play protocols to make neat features. And for a surprise, I see my firestick sending UDP packets to my windows box. I understand the UPNP and windows is supposed to respond to this. But after some discussion between the Amazon firestick and my windows computer, Amazon just blasts my computer with the same UDP packets, over and over. Same data, same packets, again and again. Whats that all about?

August 24, 2021

Rockets, Virgin style. Neat launch, I had not heard of this one. I had questions, it looks like the rocket gets in the way of the 747 flaps. Can the 747 do full flaps with the rocket being carried underneath? It looks like it took off with only partial flaps.? That might limit the runways it can use? I like this system for launching spacecraft, I think it is the most efficient. Good luck in your future missions. Virgin space unfortunately has already killed three (3) people in two different accidents. They had a rocket test explosion on the ground that killed some engineers, and also they have already lost a pilot due to problems with an earlier model of the rocket.

And a another safety issue. Do they keep that left inboard 747 engine shutdown, until actually rolling down the taxiway and close to take off.? Don't tell me they start all engines, while sitting on the tarmac? That would seem dangerous, having hot jet exhaust right next to a rocket. Keep it air-ready and good luck. Keep it safe! Rockets are fun except when they explode. See the launch below!

Virgin launch That link has some good telemetry on the flight. Thanks Virgin for the good video. Keep it safe!
Copyright 2021 Rod Deluhery

August 3, 2021

Reading up on Six Sigma. Right now to study six sigma, I am reading this book, "Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition". The book details are here Amazon book on six sigma.
If you are going to learn and studying six sigma, get that book. Its really long and is not a quick read. But it has lots of business examples of how things were transformed in a business.

Earlier this morning I was reading about something new to me, called Process Enterprise. Learning about Process Enterprise. Its a business organization concept, in the Six Sigma material. Interesting idea. You obliterate your normal organization structure. Silos are destroyed and you build different. Based on your business goals and process. I can see how it might work. The process owners concept can yield better results, it appears. Here is a bit to learn more, if you want to know Process Enterprise. It appears to me that people would like Process Enterprise if they are easily bored with the traditional role you play in most organizations. Process Enterprise explained. Thats a good link on Process ENterprise. Good luck in your transformation!

June 21, 2021

Do you like military antiques? If you are like me you love reading about the good old days. And even better, seeing the old equipment. If you have a military antique, especially a Navy antique, email me at and I can give it a look. I have many antique items myself. I enjoy militaria from the gulf war, and anything around 1990 time frame. Which included the cold war.
What, you have too much stuff? True, you can end up with a small museum in your house if not careful. But here I have an antique you can use. These are historic pants. Durable and useful, use them for gardening or house chores, cleaning the boat or chasing the kids. Yes, for some reasons I ended up with a stash of these military pants. You can buy them from me on ebay here Ebay gulf war pants
These are DOD, government issue antiques and they will fit you in you are 6 feet tall or a bit shorter.

June 18, 2021

Checking out Oculus dev kit. This is the c++ include files. I see
[200~// This file was @generated with LibOVRPlatform/codegen/main. Do not modify it!

For every line of code there is about 8 lines of comments. I like this. What a wonderful world we would live in? Imagine if every code section had this many comments and descriptions? Time to develop would be much faster. Thanks Oculus for the comments in the code. You rock.

May 31, 2021

Happy memorial day, 2021. It's a good day in the USA. Read a book "Please understand me. Character and temperment types" by David Keirsy and Marilyn Bates. The first two chapters are eye opening and powerful. I read this from talking to a peer who told me he learned alot about working with people be reading the book. If you have kids, teach, lead or just want to improve your work with others, I recommend the book. It is a bit academic and near the end, reading it gave me a headache.
It's just a deep book and its not an easy read. I can see how it may transform how you deal with people, so check it out!
Remember, keep up your soft skills. Soft skills = people skills. To work with great teams you need your people skills. Read up on the various classes of personalities and how to deal with them.

Listening to Creed on Pandora, and I see this advert: A note that vaccines kill, as well. A internet friend of mine had his uncle die recently, after taking the COVID vaccine. Think and get multiple opinions on whether you actually need the vaccine! Weight the risks. I added a bit of blood red to the sign. Yeap they kill. Vaccines are not super safe fixes! Condolences and best wishes to my friend in the midwest.

April 17, 2021

If you do computer work, you should join ACM. The website is When you join you can also join various groups, I am in the SIGMOBILE group and get a magazine from them. They had an article on CCAST: for drone swarms. Interesting to me. I would have like a bit more about various types of drone swarms. It seems to me there are a few types. There are disposable drone swarms, all nodes are low cost and disposable. Then there are hybrid disposable swarms where not all nodes are disposable, you have non disposable drones operating with the disposable drones. Then there are non disposable swarms where all nodes are not made to be disposable. So three (3) types that I see of drone swarms.
In the exercise, they has functions for drone replacements due to low battery. Seems to me there should be some other modes, where if the battery is low, the drone can go to sleep (land) and await urgent orders, or wait for a set time. The article was written by people working for a large defense contractor and funding was provided by Darpa and the US Navy.

Although I find the possibilities of the drones incredible, it is a bit sad that drones have been killing people for many years now. And unfortunately, they drones and operators occasionally make mistakes and kill the wrong people. Automated AI drones, AI mines and AI robotic weapons are indeed some of the more evil things the human race has developed. We need to be careful in this area, for sure. A landmine is in itself pretty nasty weapon. Add some AI and robotics to a landmine, and the thought of a small mine sneaking up on you while sleeping in the bush? Its pretty wild and will make for a good book. Again the technology has been around for years but it is increasingly getting lower cost, so we will see it more.

March 25, 2021

Another look at the high voltage USB testing. A nice guy from Texas wanted to know some details about my high voltage testing. This was from the video on youtube that I posted. See link below. The high voltage was applied to the USB extender cable, with the SANDISK connected. In the picture below look at the left side where the silver cable is. See the flash drive, and the gap? So between the USB flash drive and the USB extender cable, can you see that gap? That is where the 3000 volts was applied.
This was over 3000 volts applied to a USB shield, at around 15kilohertz, as measured with my oscilliscope. The voltage was created from a toy part, a flyback transformer salvaged from a broken toy plasma ball. The toy uses 5watt of DC power and then creates the 3000 volts using the flyback circuit. So its alot of voltage but not too dangerous.
See picture below. A 2 foot usb shielded cable was used. The voltage was applied to this cable, to the shield. In the picture below you can see the usb cable to the left, with one of the ZFS disks connected. To the right of the laptop you see the other two (2) usb drives, so a total of three (3) usb drives made up the ZFS pool. Notice that the SANDISK flash drive has only a plastic shield. So the voltage could not go directly into the flash drive. But voltages of 30 volts and more have been seen in wires next to where I have put the high voltage. So the flash drive I am sure got some over voltage, but not enough to make it fail.
I need to repeate the experiment to see if the high voltage caused data loss. It did cause ZFS pool problems, but was that data corruption? It really doesnt matter if it happens to ONE disk, as ZFS is supposed to be able to correct this when you run the scrub command.
In summary, the voltage somehow temporarily caused the USB function to DIE/STOP/DISABLE (only the left side USB that was hooked to the 2 foot cable). Hours later, after many reboots, this USB controller started working again! This USB controller would not work at all with any drive. I was pretty sure I had destroyed the laptop USB function on the left side of the laptop, yet it didn't!
I am unsure if this was from solder damage, capacitor overloading or capacitor burn through, or exactly what components where damaged. . .yet it was only temporary, these components and system were somehow able to start working again. I would like to repeat the test with a smaller USB circuit where I can measure the discreete parts and find how the voltage is actually disabling the USB controller. Until then, happy experimenting!

Here you can see the burn marks on the USB shield where the voltage was applied.
The unshielded USB SANDISK flash drive. This was very near where voltage was applied. Yet this flash drive sustained no damage!

March 22, 2021

A note from a CEO regarding China and US trade. You should read this. Its true that we have let China overwhelm trade with the US and it's pretty shocking. Political? Economical? Hell yes it is, and it affects EVERYTHING you do in the civilized world. Click the picture below to read the letter.

March 15, 2021

Naval research leads to fast connections. This group found that a polymer conductor (?) can transmit information faster than a copper cable. A good read is here at MIT website polymer electronics. I'd like to know how the polymer strands are connected to silicon.
Solder at high speed? Ultrasonic soldering? What was the conducting elements used in the polymer fiber? Also are the polymer strands more resistant to ESD? The strands are a semi-conductor, yes? Questions!

March 10, 2021

A great podcast about risk and human issues. Fear and risk plays a role and safety culture is something that has to be there. Read the podcast here: Podcast here

A few things though. The Volkswagen thing is a bit weak. I think VW gets alot of bad press on that. A I think the Volkswagen emission thing is pretty minor. These are weak comments with no facts. Do they know what really happened? Talk about some facts please. Nor should they assume the SW engineers are bad people. That is jumping to conclusions. The VW thing, it appeared to me a function used to help the environment, not to fake a emissions test. It is a really important subject when you have high risk projects. What is a high risk project? Something you normally do NOT do, and it is important.

Feb 18, 2021

 A few more hours of hacking freebsd and ZFS. I found that zfs on freebsd is pretty stable. It works. I havent tried it on a variety of hardware. In my test case, it does recover from drive failures. On my test case, sometimes it would require the freebsd to reboot. Meaning I simply could not get the pool to come online without a reboot. I would like to compare it to another similiar system like Redhat Gluster. Which is another software defined storage system. My zfs test case used a old laptop with three (3) usb attached disks. My system also had 2 gig of ram. I'd like to try it with 4 gigabytes of ram and see if I run into the same issues.

Feb 2021

Worked on ZFS file system yesterday. This was all test and learning. Mr Paige made me think there might be something to this, especially since we have so many different vendors/clouds doing storage. Do you trust your SAN or raid? With ZFS, you can add another layer to your storage that should give you extra protection of data corruption. That is the idea. So I tried it! I started with a simple single disk ZFS, then went further and built a RAIDz configuration and tested it out. 

Things of note: ZFS is memory hungry. I was able to run a decent system with 2 gigabytes of ram. It complains that cache is degraded unless you have 4 gigabytes. Yet even with 2 gigabytes of ram, the ZFS did appear to cache some content. It appeared that the ZFS system, in general, worked faster in RAIDz configuration with three (3) drives. Many times faster, not just like 50% faster, it seemingly began to cache large files and copy them in several seconds. B

I simply could not get ZFS working on my Debian linux. Even after upgrading my kernal version to the latest, I simply could not get it to work after several hours of troubleshooting. WTF. Sad as this software has been around for a long time, why can't linux get it working right?

I had to go to minimal freeBSD install to get ZFS to work. I used several flash scsi drives to make the RAIDz array. This may sound expensive, but it was actually extremely low cost. My system was 1. Acer laptop, Pentium P6100 64bit, 9 year old laptop? 2. Three (3) flash thumbdrives at cost of around $15.00 total. Even really cheapo thumb drives use SCSI. It is true, scsi protocols behind the scene (news to me!). Freebsd shows the scsi protocols in use, scsi SPC-4 and SCSI SPC-3. See standards at In freebsd documentation, it says you must use similiar sized drives. True, it does complain. But you can force it. And I did. In the RaidZ was forced to build a 16 gigabyte array with: One 8 gig thumbdrive. Two 16 gig thumbdrives. How that ends up working, I am not sure. The simple RAIDZ configuration was like a three way mirror? Need more testing to find out.

How does it work with single drive as ZFS volume? Disconnects of the USB drives were immediately notified in /var/log/messages as they should be, also ZFS would then notify of degradation. With a single USB drive, a disconnect of USB drive results in loss of ZFS. . . yet mount point still is there and mounted. Even the directory will list files for a few minutes (from cache). Eventually any use of the mount will result in a hung terminal, until that mount is unmounted by force.

How about raid? Of course its better. Single drive loss seemed to work great. Some ZPOOL operations resulted in long delay or terminal hangs. For example, on RAIDz using three drives, removing a USB disk and then reinserting the disk causes pool to be degraded. No problem, I like that. "zpool online storage /dev/da3" would get the pool back to normal, but that session would take a while (flip to another terminal using ALT + F3). In another terminal you see pool is already back to normal. A few minutes later, the "zpool online storage /dev/da3" is taking its time but finally finishes and returns to the CLI prompt. Nice!

File integrity? This is what we want. "ZPOOL scrub storage" ran pretty quick and identified no errors. It shows the last time you ran it and keeps this in memory for operators. More testing to come.

So. . . What if I get worried? No worries. You can get a consultant to help you. Call me on networksetup contact page, or you can buy support from a vendor who does ZFS. You might try the AWS iq page amazon consultants. It seems AWS has pretty good audience using FREEbsd and gigantic file systems. So I would suggest looking at AWS consultants to help with big data or big file systems like ZFS. It seems AWS has pretty good audience using FREEbsd and gigantic file systems.
Hire a consultant go to freebsd consultant page and find someone to help.

ZFS Products   ZFS in a NAS. Just need NAS but want zfs, and want support? Try Qnap.
 Try Oracle zfs.
 Purestorage seems proprietary, but I am told they use zfs. Check it out for yoursel at link below.

A video that I made of some ZFS hacking. USB and high voltage with ZFS

December 2020
IPV6 address. A ipv6 address is a powerful thing. The address space is large and you rarely need to NAT any ip to ip. Why nat? Nat is useful but it does slow your networks a bit, its more computation work each router has to do. Instead with IPV6 you can send data a tiny bit faster, and no need for IP overlap. Click here on this ipv6 size representation for a look at the size of ipv6.
They do a pretty good job of explaining the /64 size. Which is not familiar with most. We deal with /32 and less, which you can do in your head. You really can not do ipv6 subnets in your head, not me anyway. Also they have a pretty good ipv6 subnet calculator there. For a quick figure out ipv6 hosts. Check out ipv6 subnets.

December 2020
So we need super security, not so-so security. You need it, we need it, the hackers hate it. You need dual factor authentication.

Goal - make a dual factor authenticatin system for unix/linux.

What to do? I know radius is needed, or I think radius will be a part of the solution. Radius has been around forever, lots of things work with it. I want to run radius on linux. So I read this:

Idea - Use radius to authenticate linux. Then use the radius to also poll/request/push/pull a secret to a mobile phone.

Steps. AFter user login with certificate or password, the radius some how kick starts the dual factor. So for the phone method, which is you call the mobile phone, and wait for a specific digit entry. Should be a way to tweak and adjust security versus ease of use. Easy
So make it easy. By one keypad touch (but do NOT tell the person what number to push). We have to have ability to tweak, and adjust. Some people like it easy, some do not. So here are the choices.

EASY. A pleasure to use, not real secure, but better than single factor auth.

HARD. Or more difficult by asking for specific phone entry that only user would know. This is similiar to a password, but more like a pin.

Or create an app on the phone, that does similiar function.

I see on my android phone there is a MFA app by a group called Npulse. Looks to do something similiar:

If you simply need MFA on linux, i suggest this:,Pluggable%20Authentication%20Module.%20Run%20the%20following...%20More%20
And call RD & Sons to help implement!

October 2020
The right time. The right whale. It is the day before halloween. Planning a halloween outing, or party, of course you have. Worked on the costumes for you children? It is that time of year. Today I read about the right whale and that they are endangered. So what? Well for me, having spent countless day on the open oceans, it bothers me. I love the ocean. And seeing a whale is RARE. And to hear that one type of whale is close to extinction, it pulls my heart strings. What to do? And can a network save it? These right whales are big. 65 feet long. Easily put a small battery and gps on the whale. But how do you keep the battery charged? Need a motion activated charger, or charged by water pressure and water motion. But then how do you send the gps coordinates to land? If you had many network nodes at sea. . ..continue reading.

August 2020 Hacking ssh. A look at ssh logs on a unix machine. read here about ssh knocking. How many servers do you have infected?

On a persons computer I see they have allowed RDP to the entire internet. Well meaning and it did work, but unfortunately there are bad actors on the internet that will constantly try to login to your RDP. On this particular client, the offenders came from Poland and France. Here is the information on the networks that were attacking the rdp host: $ whois
% This is the RIPE Database query service.
% The objects are in RPSL format. Continue reading whois on the attackers from Poland
% Abuse contact for ' -' is ''
address: 00-043 Warsaw address: PL
$ whois

August 2020
Universal plug and play. Its a feature built into home wifi routers. This feature allows a program to manipulate the router/NAT functions. Its powerful but capable of being exploited. To be safe, turn OFF universal plug and play. You may see it called UPN iGD. IGD is for internet gateway device. Common games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, will create NATs to allow better gameplay. Turn of UPNigd and manually setup the NAT, once you know what ports to forward on your router.

August 2020
We do have hobbies. Most hobbies get eradicated once you have children. For me, this is also true. There is just not enough time. One thing that I have done, as a hobby, was buy a RV. Just like if you wanted to fish, and you needed a boat, well then your hobby is boating but you like to fish. Or you like to boat and your hobby is fishing. They go together. .same same! So I have an RV that we have had for a few years. Awesome trips for sure, but for us the time is up. So if you are interested in a used RV, check it out here at craigslist. Craigslist RV for sale in california.
To read about it, here are some details. Lots of extras on this Providence diesel pusher. You will find it difficult to find a RV with such great features and well cared for. Four (4) slideouts give you lots of room for a small family.
Video of RV -
Extras - Front hood bra. Custom front extra quick disconnect air connection. With included air hose, this allows all tires to be filled with air. Neat feature to keep tires properly inflated, without going to a gas station! Steering compensator installed. Keeps RV steering at one spot, on uneven roads. New color day/night backup camera. New over the air HD antenna. New icemaker. Refrigerator runs on propane or AC. It has a new icemaker. Fridge recently tested, freezer at 22 degrees f and fridge at 40 degrees f. ...
Interior is in pretty good shape, most everything works as original design. Kitchen, sink, oven, all cabinents work as intended. Slideout table has been refinished.
Tires only 13 months old with a few hundred miles of use, almost new! Two (2) New chassis rv battery. The house batteries recently checked and ok condition (big RVs have two sets of batteries, one for chassis and one set for RV auxillary use). RV has bypass switch that allows starting the engine on either set of batteries. Lots of AC power connections inside the RV, also has AC inverter command center that shows inverter state, and easily change power available versus power being used to charge batteries. Two air conditioners that work well. Two exhaust fans, one in bathroom, one in the main room. All chassis lube points have been greased recently, steering, drive line, everything under the RV has been cleaned with power sprayer. Generator is ONAN and runs on diesel also, recently had oil changed. Front panel AC system shows power utilization of the RV, good for sites with little electricity or when running on the generator. New Co2/propane detector installed last year (they have a limited life span). Windows are double pane with screen (except for front window). Extra table for living room, you can customize one table and have another original table, if you like. Custom drink holders installed on slideout table. Has a built-in vacuum cleaner, low noise and empties into lower compartment. Kitchen has oven, microwave, four burners and decent storage. HD flat screen in the lower compartment for outdoor viewing. Radio in lower compartment. HD Flat screen TV in the front (Sony). HD Flat screen TV in the back room (Samsung). Blue ray player, Xbox game console. Caterpillar C7 Diesel Engine, no DEF fluid (emissions) needed on these. Recent engine computer code upgrade, done by Caterpillar. Extra DC fan on radiator. Recent oil and transmission fluid change. Air filter cleaned last month, and I have an extra air filter brand new. I know some people to help you finance, if you need that.

Sept/August 2020
Reading up on XML, CSS and xml transforms, using ummm another three (3) letter word. I like that the CSS sheet file can easily manipulate the look of any XML file (when viewed with a browser). I will post some examples
One example of a simple CSS and javascript is the "Read more" button on this page. Its a simple javascript code and style that allow that function to work. Keep aware of remote code (javascript) vulnerabilities running on your browser.

August 2020
Universal plug and play. Its a feature built into home wifi routers. This feature allows a program to manipulate the router/NAT functions. Its powerful but capable of being exploited. To be safe, turn OFF universal plug and play. You may see it called UPN iGD. IGD is for internet gateway device. Common games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, will create NATs to allow better gameplay. Turn of UPNigd and manually setup the NAT, once you know what ports to forward on your router. Again, turn OFF upnp !!! Prevent malicious software from manipulating your router!!
If you know a bit about .NET, here is some sample UPNP code for router nat setup. Wait, your probably think, ignore this. I have a firewall! Well if its a firewall that has the capability of UPN IGD, then even if you have the firewall enabled, it still may allow this exploit! Have a network guy check your firewall!
Net code for UPN IGD">Net code for UPN IGD.

Jan 2019
I am reading a IEEE book about several technologies, the book titled "Handbook of applied algorithms." It discusses WDM, and the concepts. If you are new to multiplex, you should read up on multiplexers. They are pretty common in communications. Often setup and rarely tweaked with again. Traffic grooming is a new term for me. Traffic grooming is all about taking multiple data sources, like T1 lines and combining into a certain color channel, or wavelength. Qian-Ping is the author of the text. Another thing I learned is the ADM. ADM is short for Add, Drop, multiplexer.

modification. RD & Sons specializes in software and computer hardware. RD & Sons has experience in systems management, system design and RD & Sons has experience in systems management, system design and We have staff knowledge with computer programming. This includes C#, C++, Java, VB, VBA, and HTML user interface design, Unix scripting and windows shell (WMI, batch) scripting. We believe if it needs to be repeated, it needs to be automated! We try document and automate everything we do!

We are experts at digital communications. We have FCC GROL wireless certified engineers. We can design or remediate any communication systems, from HF frequency to microwave frequency. Kilobit speeds? Multi gigabit speeds? Any network speed, we can handle any data, anywhere! Need encryption, VPN, custom network routes? We can do this. LAN, WAN, PAN, any network you name, we have probably built it. We have certified Cisco technicians.

We have experience in point to point communications. All radio links will be documented and baseline certified. Data speeds, radio details can be monitored remotely. Failure prediction is possible by exact measurement. We document SOM (system operating margin) link quality on all radio links we build.
We have experience in project analysis, project management, and project costing. We have ITIL certified staff.

RD & Sons We have integrated and built small GIS systems. We are not GIS experts, we admit! That said, we can help on your GIS needs. We have partnerships with several GIS companies who focus on GIS. For small mapping and GIS projects, we can build a system for inventory and mapping. For minor inventory and location mapping, we have built small GIS systems using Google Earth.

RD & Sons RD & Sons is a disabled veteran owned business. We are a small business with a network of engineers ready to take on most any communication or programming task.

We have staff with previous TS clearance. We have staff with clear backgrounds (no criminal and good credit). We have several staff that can easily get interim TS clearances.

RD & Sons. A veteran owned company.

Let us help you define and document the issue, then we will find the most effective solution(s).

RD & Sons. A licensed business operating in Riverside, California. Our capability statement.
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