Microsoft Azure certification (533)

To pass this test, you will need good experience in Azure. You might as well create a paid azure account with your credit card, also use up all the hours on the "free account". There is a lot to cover on the test.
Here are the test domains:

Implement Web Apps (15–20%)
Implement virtual machines (15–20%)
Implement cloud services (15–20%)
Implement storage (15–20%)
Implement an Azure Active Directory (15–20%)
Implement virtual networks (15–20%)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Buy a practice test. Go through the questions and research the topics
  2. Create an azure account. Create a paid azure account and go through various levels of server, upgrade your server. Create accounts and invite users to Azure. Whats the difference between a microsoft account and a non-microsoft account (in azure) ??
  3. Learn networking basics. . .you need to know subnets and CIDR.
  4. Learn storage.
  5. Create a web app. . .whats the difference between this and a web server?.
  6. Buy my study guide


    Check out my free Azure 70-533 study guide. It is here at google docs:
    Free 70-533 study guide
    Here are all powershell commands for Azure, as of 11/27/2016.
    Azure powershell commands