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RD & Sons has experience in systems management, system design and modification. RD & Sons specializes in software and computer hardware. We have staff knowledge with computer programming. This includes C#, C++, Java, VB, VBA, and HTML user interface design, Unix scripting and windows shell (WMI, batch) scripting. We believe if it needs to be repeated, it needs to be automated! Automagic web testing needed? Selenium scripts to speed up your process? We try document and automate everything we do!

We are experts at digital communications. We have FCC GROL wireless certified engineers. We can design or remediate any communication systems, from HF frequency to microwave frequency. Kilobit speeds? Multi gigabit speeds? Any network speed, we can handle any data, anywhere! Need encryption, VPN, custom network routes? We can do this. LAN, WAN, PAN, any network you name, we have probably built it. We have certified Cisco technicians.

We have experience in point to point communications. All radio links will be documented and baseline certified. Data speeds, radio details can be monitored remotely. Failure prediction is possible by exact measurement. We document SOM (system operating margin) link quality on all radio links we build.
We have experience in project analysis, project management, and project costing. We have ITIL certified staff.

RD and Sons has integrated and built small GIS systems. We are not GIS experts, we admit! That said, we can help on your GIS needs. We have partnerships with several GIS companies who focus on GIS. For small mapping and GIS projects, we can build a system for inventory and mapping. For minor inventory and location mapping, we have built small GIS systems using Google Earth.

RD & Sons is a disabled veteran owned business. We are a small business with a network of engineers ready to take on most any communication or programming task.

We have staff with previous TS clearance. We have staff with clear backgrounds (no criminal and good credit). We have several staff that can easily get interim TS clearances.

RD & Sons. A veteran owned company.

Let us help you define and document the issue, then we will find the most effective solution(s).

A licensed business operating in Riverside, California. Our capability statement.
Phone 951 545 4269
email us at:

Minimal design by Rod Deluhery. Created using unix VI, published with Apache and available in ipv4 or ipv6. A famous quote we hold and covet:

"Any occupation wishing to exercise professional authority must find a technical basis for it, assert an exclusive jurisdiction, link both skill and jurisdiction to standards of training and convince the public that its services are uniquely trustworthy.” -H.L. Wilensky.