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Don't you hate it when. . .
Some times you think you are competent.  You think you have the tools, the skill, the experience to do a job right.  Then you try to do it, and you think, "oh crap".   You realize you can't remember how to do it. CRS syndrome.  We all get it now and then.
**Remember this:  Be humble, because you probably can't remember everything you have forgotten!
Rod Deluhery

Messing with your mind.
Did some minor scripting today, forgot how bad I was at scripting. Trying to parse this JSON formatted text was like a nightmare. Trivial for someone who does this all the time, I am sure. I learned and re-learned a few things I had forgotten. Some had nothing to do with the task (parse the alienvault OTX security feed, which is in Json or some wierd text format).  I learned:
XmlStarlet Command Line XML. Wow that looks like a super handy way to parse an XML formatted file. Too bad the file I was working on really wasn't XML. Ooopps.  read more.

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